Assayer's Hideaway

By Kathy Montgomery | Photo by Mark Lipczynski

The largest mine in the Bradshaw Mountains was the Crowned King, incorporated in the 1880s by George P. Harrington and others. Harrington settled his family into rooms above the mine
assayer’s office next to the company store. Today, the store is the Assayer’s Hideaway, providing lodging for up to six people. The one-bedroom house includes a small kitchen and a central stone fireplace. The stone interior remains cool, even in summer. And even though guests can easily walk to town, the cottonwood-shaded porch feels peaceful. The former assayer’s office next door still houses a walk-in safe. There’s a picture of it in the house, along with a price list from the company-store days. Today, most of the mining is for artifacts from the glory days, but the area remains rich in history.