Fossil Creek Permits Go on Sale April 1

Photo by Jodi McGrath Dougherty

Permits to hike Fossil Creek, near Strawberry, will go on sale April 1.

Normally, permits are required for the month of April, but this year, they won't be necessary until May 1. You can still hike the area in April without a permit, but expect it to be busy. 

The good news this year is that permits are cheaper than they have been in the past, going for $6 instead of $10. 

In order to obtain a permit, it's important to first determine when you want to hike. Permits go on sale on the first day of each month for the following month (the ones on sale starting April 1 will be for May, and so on). Permits are required through October 1.

There are three different kinds of permits that allow you to park in a designated area. A map of the parking areas is available online.

Plan your hike by checking road conditions in the area by calling the Fossil Creek Hotline at 928-226-4611. Conditions can vary based on snowmelt from the mountains.

Permits can be purchased on the Fossil Creek recreation website. They must be printed ahead of time and displayed inside the parked vehicle.

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